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breath of fresh air


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Port Orchard, WA
this one is mostly a HA HA to BrettM

showed up to this today:

with two buddies and a 2wd XJ (front driveshaft out) and wheeled in in 2 low (ha ha) to the work place and breathed fresh sierra air...

I am in my wheeling home...

the event was well attended though sadly i was the only xj/mj there...
a few rubicon's, CJ's YJ's and a about 6 yota trucks
a lot done - oh and the fordyce is open now.. bypassed fixed and everything running smoth - even got the forest service stamp of approval...

forgot the digicam, but all's well
I am not from that area but that is pretty cool to see everyone get together and keep a trail in use. I just got done going with my club up to a popular wheeling spot called the Pipeline in Mountain Wisconsin. Our club, Wisconsin Off Road, combined with about seven other clubs did trail maintenance for spring run off and trail cleanup. Good to see people trying to keep our trails open.