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Brake Problems - HELP!!


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Circle City, AZ
I replaced my front rotors, calipers, and pads today. I have not been able to bleed all the air from the system (bled every wheel in correct order about seven or eight times). I have now discovered a VERY small leak where the master cylinder mates to the booster.

I am thinking that perhaps the diaphram in the master is somewhat worn (it's a 93' XJ) and it tore or something when my son first depressed the pedal to the floor before the system was refilled. I don't know. As I said its a very small leak but air has got to be getting in somewhere, and its the only leak I can find.

I think I will pick up a new master cylinder tomorrow.
Here's my question, I have never been extremely impressed with the braking performance and I remember reading a thread about swapping in a booster from a newer XJ or possibly a new master cylinder and booster from a Ford van? Are these mods cost effective and worthwhile?

I figure it would be a good time to do it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I'm puzzled.


Ah, David --

You posted this on the OEM forum, and you have received some responses. You are not supposed to double-post the same question/issue on multiple forums. Sorry to rain on your parade, but we would appreciate it if you would refrain from similar behavior in the future.

The question has nothing to do with mods, so it belongs on the OEM forum where you originally posted it. How's about just letting the thread play out where it should?

Actually it's a bit different, the other post was referring only to the brake bleeding. I decided replace the master cylinder and remembered about the switch to a different booster, I thought that would be considered a modification so I posted it on the mod. board to get info. before I went to get the parts.

Sorry, I wasn't trying to get twice the response. I just wanted to know which booster to switch to.

I think is a 95 or newer Booster. Check the write up at

Its located under the techional section, under brakes:spin1:

Sometimes Eagle can be a bit harsh,but he posses lots of forum knowledge though. :scared:
Yes, use the 95 master and booster. It should be a direct bolt in minus a few flair adaptors and some 8" pieces of tubing you need to bend. I have done both the 95 master combo and the E350 ford with the stock booster. The 95 Jeep works the best. Good luck, oh yeah post where ever you want!