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Brake line grommets


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Has anyone got a part name or number on the grommets that the brake hardlines go through in the inner fender? While I could probably just hack something together, I'm more interested in fixing my past hacks, and getting this POS back on the road. Thanks in advance! :worship:
I found the part number in the factory parts manual, J3126237, front brake line grommet. So far all sources have it listed as discontinued. I’ll keep digging, leisurely of course, since this is only a drop in the pond when it comes to getting my XJ back on the road.
If your talking about the round grommet in the fender-well you can buy those all day long, they are just grommets.
Hey Sean,

I'm looking for a couple myself. You have the right part number but I can't find a 1:1 aftermarket replacement from Dorman or the usual suspects.

By my measurements, they are ¼" bore, ⅞" OD on one side and 1⅛" OD on the other side, 1/16" groove.

If I find a substitute, I'll let you know.

Here's the remains of the better of the two I removed during my ABS system delete.

Thanks for the info! I’ll keep looking and post up what I find.

I have a set of flush plug solid rubber grommets coming next week that I’m going to attempt to modify. I’ll let you know if it works and what to order.