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Bored At The Office....Heres A Time Killer 4 Ya!

Nice little time waster. my best so far is 1142

Heres one that's a little harder, I'd email to ya but it's a 2.27 gig file. :D

The little copter kicked my but. Even after I figured out which button was on the left.
my best so far 45:looser:
It all depends on how fast your computer is. I tried it on my laptop w/a P3 1200mghz and Nivida GeForce 4 grpx 64 meg DDR card and it moves soooooo fast. I used it on my home machine p3 500 w/ an ATI rage 32 meg card and it is far better game play , not so fast.

On my lappy i can only get to 500 , home comp easy to score over 1000