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Body Roll

My friend has a 2003 Grand Cherokee 2wd and am noticing a lot body roll going around curves and during high winds. Would a larger sway bar correct this? Any ideas? Thanks, K9Cop

Does he have any suspension mods or is it stock. What tires and pressure is he running. Does he have gas struts? There are alot of components to body roll and it may be something as simple as changing tire pressure. I had severe body roll with a car because the new struts I put on made it sit too high on the springs. Of course any high clearance vehicle will have body roll and you have to learn to drive with it. Any more details of his set-up you can give us?:)
Stiffer springs, poly swaybar and control arm bushings and Edelbrock performer IAS shocks... also, shouldnt this be on another forum?
Yeah, this should be on the "Other Tech" forum, since it doesn't pertain to an XJ or MJ.

DaimlerChrysler is really aiming the Grand toward the on-pavement crowd now, especially in the 2WD model. I just looked at a new brochure and found that the standard transfer case for most models with 4WD is a 147 -- as in ONE Forty-Seven. That's a full-time ("on demand") case with no low range. How cool is that, eh?

My guess is the 2WD WJ has really soft springs so it'll ride nice going to the country club. Stiffer shocks can help compensate, but won't really help unless they are so stiff they kill the ride. Poly bushings won't really do anything except transmit more "NVH" (Noise-Vibration-Harshness). K9's solution is the best -- beefier sway bars on both ends. If you change one you should change both. If you only do one, whichever end you make stiffer will tend to lose traction first. Stiffer front = understeer, stiffer rear = oversteer.

I'd have your 'friend' try the dealership first...maybe the 2x and 4x WJ have different anti-swaybars? different shock valving? get them to swap parts if so.

If this one IS riding like a jellyfish... Prove It to the selling dealer (radical testrides with the service manager in peril? Maybe take a similar one off the lot for a comparison sample?) complain like you are gonna call the evening news and Ralph Nader and/or Lemon Law Attorney General it if this thing doesn't get tightened up like immediately.

I like Old Junk and the commensurate grey hairs, but I'd be one particular SOB if my NEW junk wasn't 100% perfect...especially on a $30k+ WJ

OTOH Your friend DIDN'T buy a Vette, he/she bought a woggly Jeep...what was he/she thinking?
Sorry about posting it in the wrong forum, honest Newbie mistake:doh:...In my defense he did not consult me before buying so I hold no responsibility for the purchase of the WJ 2 wd, lol. I really appreciate the help and he does as well. I'm glad I found this forum, so now getting my XJ muddy is not my only addiction. Thanks again,
Not a worry, It at least is topical to a Jeep and we may have an owner of a spongey 2x XJ that can get something good from the thread

Get your buddy tightened up and I hope we helped