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Body mods for rockers and which welder?


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Statesville, NC
Any leads on writeups on haw to do the rockerpanels that replace the body ones. I did a search but couldn't find anything.
also I'm going to buy a welder, I've done some welding in the past and want to get one so I can start doing my own. Theirs a lincoln 135 at lowes for 400.00 and will I need a gas tank for this welder?
Have not done my rocker panels yet,but have welded up my new 95 Ford Explorer 8.8 rear axle and repair/modified other thicker items(1/2"-1") with a Miller 251 MIG welder. I would advise anyone contemplateing buying awelder to purchase the biggest welder they can afford because at sometime in the near future they will be needing that additional capacity. That Lincoln 135 will probably be okay for the thin stuff like the XJ's automotive sheet metal(.10 gauge ? ) ,but if you ever have a need for something requireing more heat/amps,your options are limited. Tack weld the item,go find another welding vendor, attempt to compensate for haveing a smaller welder by various means. etc.Haveing a larger capacity machine always give one the option of turning the power down to suit the requirement of welding thinner stuff,but conversely if you have a smaller unit ,.you can only go up so far.I don't know what your welding skill is ,but I would cordially reccomend to you or anyone else to go/look-in-visit and perhaps enroll in one of your local community welding classes to either brush-up on some of the techniques and safety concerns or gather other helpful additional information. Also you probably already know of this wonderful website on the internet devoted to answering many of our welding questions, but here it is again for your perusal :http://www.hobartwelders.com/mboard/