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body drains ?


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i feel dumb asking this, but...i know that there are body drains underneath my jeep somewhere, but for the life of me, i can't find them. i've checked the f.s.m., and it doesn't point out where they are either. does anyone know where they may be? my jeep is a 2001. thanks.
There's not really drains. In my 87 there's plugs that can be removed and replaced with boat plugs to act as a drain. You will have to remove the carpet to gain access to it. There are two under the rear seat that are 1" diameter that work perfectly.
the holes in the rails? :) THe XJ doesn't have permanent drains from inside the cab... the only thing is the precviously mentioned plugs that can be removed...

yep, 4 plugs. you need to hit them to pop them out. The ones in the front are really big though. The 'plugs' that are in 'em arn't really made to be removed and reused. Someone said boat plugs, that can work well, I however prefer simply covering my gaping holes with the floormat