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Bleeding these '02 Taurus ABS brakes


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Lexington, KY
Just changing out both front flexible brakes lines that go to the calipers on my Mum's '02 Taurus (99k miles) and although I've bled my '96 Cherokee's brakes lines before I haven't done an ABS system and I've been told I need to activate the solenoids in the ABS module while bleeding in order to get all the air out. The two options I've been given is to either have a reader that's advanced enough to do it itself, or to bleed like normal, safely/slowly get to a gravel road or slick area where you can get on the brakes hard and activate the ABS system. After wards do another 2 person bleed. Go out to slide around once more, return and do the final bleed and everything should be good.

Is this an ok way to bleed the lines or do I need to spend the $ on a more advanced reader and do it that way?