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black xj confer roof rack 46"x62"


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Austin Tx
This comes with light brackets for the front and hi lift jack mounts. Works great for holding a spare or an ice chest. Its in great shape. I want to get 200 for the whole thing it cost me about 420 for the whole setup. These are some wheeling pics i dont have a way to take more currentally but this was the last time it went so its not altered in any way. The light brakets arent on it but i have them and they will come with it.



ok it mounts in the stock roof rack rails or thats how it appears i didnt put it on so i am not 100 precents but thats how it looks.
The first guy backed out so its up for grabs this is a good deal and would make a nice addition to anyones xj
roof rack

I may be interested too. :) Does this model break-down (bolt together) or is it one piece ($$$ to ship)? It's aluminum, correct? How bent-up is it OR is it still straight & true?
ok the rack is straight it comes in half and the bars that run latteraly in the bottom unbolt. So it would still be a pretty large thing to ship and it weighs about 50 pounds i would say. I would guess around 75 to ship maybe less but it would also be a pain to break down if you really want it i will do it. But i need certainty before i go taking apart it would prob take me 2 hours or so lots of bolts and nuts. let me know. I am not boxing due to the fact that someone locally could get it and save me lots and lots of work.
roof rack

Does it include the floor and tire mounting hardware....or are those items bungeed down? Can you post some empty pics of the rack so that I can ascertain the condition of it. I may be interested in purchasing it. ;)