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best welding rod for axle housing?

Gil BullyKatz

NAXJA Forum User
There's a slew of answers I found by searching...

I figured that by asking in this forum I'd probably get the best answer...

Need to buy rods for stick welding the tubes to the housing on my 8.8...

So far it seems that high content nickel rods are the consensus...

Any specific number I should ask for?

...and yes it going to be done by alternating 1" long welds on both sides and possibly pre-heated with a torch...

I've been building gates all weekend so I'm probably just fawked in the head.

I don't like the idea of welding the tubes directly to the housings on the ends. Welding on the cast on an edge like that makes me think there isn't a whole lot of strength to be gained and if you crack it there it will probably only get worse.

You said you were building a truss correct? Why not just put a brace from the truss forward to the housing and if your really worried put some tabs down to the diff cover (your replacing the too right?) so it can be bolted there. Even just the diff cover mount should be plenty. Mount your traction bar to the truss on the top side and tube on the bottom.

If you still twist the tubes your truely getting it ugly style. :D

All of the failed attempts that I've tried were using a high nickle rod with pre and post heat. If you have a good welding supply place they should have some real exotic stuff too. I shouldn't say I though since I'm shitty with a stick welder, I talked friends that weld for a living into doing it for me. The welds looked good and didn't crack while cooling, but if the piece was (test pieces about 1") smacked with a hammer they would come loose pulling out a chunk of the cast with them.