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Back in the market.


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Hey everyone, I am back in the market for a Jeep again. I'm talking 2014 prices haha. If you happen to find something, send the info my way if you could. Considering making a poor financial decision again. I am in no huge rush and am being extremely picky. If it takes me a year to find what I like, I wouldn't be mad, would allow my disposable budget to increase some.

Thanks! text, email or find me on IG works too for contacting me.
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You wanting something built already? street legal? etc.
There's a 91 with a blown motor up here for 500$. stock
Not as many as I would hope, but there are several engines on car-part for $1k or less.

My trailer is already in Auburn….
I am looking for a two seater, mild camping rig. I have two kids, so I may venture outside of the XJ world to be honest. I did sell my Sequoia recently. That may have been a mistake as the after market for them has really opened up.
I second the Toyota suggestion. After working on my renix Cherokee a frame and no power sounds so appealing.