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AX15 rebuild kit advice?


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Hollister, CA
New guy here...
After 10 years of no XJ, I was able to grab a 1998 2DR 2WD 5-speed XJ from my neighbor who's son was moving on to something more economical. I'm the 3rd owner of this 220k mile CA beauty. Despite all the reasons I shouldn't change it to 4WD, I'm doing it anyway. Both of my previous XJ's ('89 Laredo and '01 sport) were automatic 4WD and I took them everywhere. I'm looking forward to that freedom again.
Yesterday I was able to yank an 4WD AX15 from a pick-n-throw yard not too far away. Unfortunately the NP231 was pulled already, but I'll get to that down the line. The donor XJ is a '93 with 188k miles on it and I want to overhaul the trans before doing the swap.
So now I'm looking for an overhaul kit. I see Quadratech has one for ~$350, and rock auto has one for ~$132. Both have bearings, synchros and seals. Can anyone tell me it's worth the extra $200+ for gaskets I won't use and other small bits?
Hollister, CA
Since your not getting many replies I'll throw my two sense in.

My experience with Quadratec is that they're more expensive for almost no reason besides occasional faster shipping also if you somehow buy the wrong stuff from Rockauto it is much easier to return it than it is to return something from Quadratec.... I still never got my 20 dollars back from Quadratec when I returned an incorrect clutch slave they sent out to me.

Rockauto may take longer to ship out and you have to pay for shipping but if you need to buy those extra gaskets or whatever that Quadratec provides you're not going to be disappointed as much by Rockauto cause their ability to provide accurate information on what part fits what is much more reliable than Qaudratec. Basically the extra parts that Quadratec provides in their kit may not even fit your AX15 trans.

Thank you and goodluck,
Don't forget to check all your spline counts/lengths when you start mixing years.