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AW4 Trans Drain


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Do I have to heat up the auto transmission by driving before I drain and refill? If it is cold, how do I make sure tghe level is correct when I refill?
On a cold check the fluid level should be (according to the manual anyway) at the add mark on the dipstick.
Help: I drained it cold and filled it back with 3.5 quarts of dex III. How it is reading beyond full. Do I have to start it or something, or drain it ou until it is at the add mark when cold Please help!

Also Autozone sold me the wrong belt so I spend 45 minutes trying to fit the wrong belt on.
Those trannies hold a whole lot more than 3.5 quarts of fluid. Problem is, most of it's in the converter, only way to get it out is to remove the converter. Or take it to a shop and pay to have a trans flush done. The flush machines work really well, I'd recommend that service. :lecture:
About 4 quarts comes out when you drain the trans. The transmission must be checked IDLING in either Park or Neutral (will say on your dip stick).

You may have to dip it several times before you get a correct reading.
Thank you, I will try when it is idling to see if in 3.5 quarts is too much. If it is should I try to drain just a couple of pints?
Auto trans refills are always done by measuring the dipstick for final level, when HOT, and IDLING in "PARK".

Before you go draining (or adding) any ATF, measure the level under those conditions.