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Aw4 on its way out?


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Ellensburg, WA
I know typically most people say AW4s last forever so I'm asking your opinions if mine's time has come to be swapped out. For the past 6-7 months it has been shifting pretty hard, I changed TPS,fluid/filter and it did help some. As of the past 3 weeks or so, I notice a screeching sound when its shifting usually when its warmed up. As of the past few days my AW4 has started slipping as well. I've checked the fluid and everything is normal level wise. Any suggestions? :D
Check the TV cable, That was 80% of my provlem the other day. Adjusted that according to Chilton, or Haynes or whoever, and it shifts like a new ride now...

Don't underestimate that one, it's amazing what it does.

Course it's kinda low milage to have those problems...
Digging up an old thread here...but sounds similar to my issue. My AW4 seems to be slipping a bit, and I tried adjusting the cable. The FSM says that it when you adjust it, it will "ratchet". I did not hear anything... Is the ratcheting something you should be able to hear?

I have 146,000 miles on mine. Fluid has always looked brownish, but always shifted fine and never smelled burnt. Smells normal now, too...just shifting funny.