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aw4 gurus, i have a quick question


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bailey, co
i am selling an aw4 from a 1998 xj

a guy wants to buy it tomorrow but he has a 94

i may be wrong but i don't believe they are compatible
will my tranny work in his xj

thanks for the help
didn't they change the ecm on the 98 and up
Hes going to have a different connector for the NSS. Thats about all I know, trust me, I was trying to find one and I believe the change was in 1996 so I had to go and buy a new one. Im pretty sure other sensors may be different as well. He could always take the NSS of his old tranny too, unless its trashed.
No they will not directly swap, there were some changes in 96/97. A front input shaft speed sensor was added. The rear output shaft speed sensor changed from a 1-pulse per rev magnetic reed switch to a 4-pulse per rev inductive pickup. It will bolt up, but the 94 ECM will be trying to upshift at 800 rpm and you'll be in 4th gear by the time you hit 15 mph (btdt).

If he has a 94 donor, you can pull the tailcones off and swap the rotors over from a pre-96. The front sensor can be ignored if going from the 98 to the 94 as the earlier ECM has no input for it.

NSS is the same, except for the different connector style. Solenoid harness will be different and you can either drop the pan and swap the harness or cut and splice.