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aw4, 231, 8.25...SYE and Fr. DS in rear Question?


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OK... I have searched and read all over this site and the net and I am getting alot of conflicting views about if this really works or not. (by the way long time reader first time poster) Here are the specs - 93 XJ, 4.0L, aw4, 231, 8.25 rear axle, 4.5-5" lift. I am purchasing the AA SYE kit for my rig and my question is who has this setup or very similar that has used a front driveshaft from another auto XJ as a rear shaft. Did you have to get it lenghtened or was it adaquate in it's stock form? Also did you install the SYE with the T-case in the jeep or take it out? Thanx in advance for those of you with this setup that get back to me.
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Sure fire way to know for sure is to get a front shaft and bolt it up,if it doesn't work just keep the extra shaft for a spare or have it lengthened for about $60-80 bucks(still way cheaper than a custom shaft).I'm guessing you'll be fine though,usually its us 5 speed guys that have problems because the 5speed is shorter than the auto.I had to have mine lengthened 3" and I have a 5.5" lift.
About the sye...I would drop the case.Its not hard at all and it doesn't weigh much.Either way it can be done while the case is in the jeep.
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jamesot said:
Back to the top..... anyone with an auto that has done this?

ILLXJ has a AW4 / 231hacked and tapped / 8.25 in his XJ.
He is currently running a front driveshaft in the rear.

I have no clue as to length differences between the hack and tap and AA setup.


[FONT=&quot]I ran a front DS in the rear on my XJ for a long time, auto with the 231. I used an explorer front shaft for a while and then a XJ front when I pushed the rear axle back. I had a hack and tap though. I think with a HD SYE the front DL might be a little short. It isn't to bad to have one lengthened though. Quite a bit cheaper then having a new one built.[/FONT]
I'm running a HD SYE with a front shaft from a 99XJ Auto....I have a 2000XJ, AW4, 231, 8.25. didn't have to mod the DS at all, bolted right up.
he thought from those 2 post that were worded like that that thats whey they got the shaft from..
those were actually the rigs that had a front shat installed in the rear both had 8.25's
the shaft need to come from an automatic XJ front.
there is a difference with rear axles though the d35 is shorter than the 8.25 or d44. it is advised that you do the lift and install the front shaft and check it at full droop and see how much you have left.
i have not done this yet just learning and asking the same ?'s myself.
i have a thread about the same thing excpt on a 242 and sye.
seems like it will be close. how much should be inside the outer tube at full droop i dont know.. anyone comment on that?
thankz i kinda figured the D35 would be diff but like alwaysready asked how much shaft should be in the outer tube part at full droop to work jw thinkin of doing this to save some $ thanks again