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Anyone have a MJ Eliminator- Brake ??'s

I have an Eliminator, and it has the standard MJ foot pedal setup. The center console has a panel covering the opening where the hand brake would go in a Cherokee.
Ok, so did any of the MJ's come with the hand operated parking brake?

I wouldn't mind the foot brake so much if it did not have the cable that runs under the seat and all over the floor. The old, ratty rubber mat covered it, but now that I have removed all the trash and "Herculined" (Duplicolor Brand) the cab floor, that cable becomes a real eyesore.
All MJs came with the foot pedal. I'm certain the hand-lever swap has been done, but I've been unable to locate where I read about it. If I ever find it, I'll let you know. Otherwise, it seems like it'll require a bit of inginuity. I have the added complication of the Ford rear axle and I don't know how long the e-brake cables will be once I get my hands on some.
Jeep on!