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Anyone fab up any protection for the corners of the rear fiberglass hatch?


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Nashville, TN
I knocked the corner of one of the "wings" over the right tail light off somewhere in Tellico last weekend. I would like to cover it up with some type of protection/plating but I'm thinking the compound bends might be next to impossible. Anyone fab up thier own protection or cover panels? I would love some ideas.
Yeah, Porch Puppy (Andy) has a very clean design. I looked for a good pic....here's the best one that I have. Sorry to some, I left the pic big so you can see it better. He cut it from thin metal and then gas welded the corner together, it's very clean and conforms perfectly to the body lines. I wish I had a pic from the back, maybe someone else who reads this has one. Another friend of mine just had aluminum diamond bent for it.

Just take the darn thing off. You people with your silly "I wanna keep all my body parts" attitude kill me.

Some of us need to drive our rigs from time to time. We can't all show up to trail rides like Kid Rock now Sean. Turst me, when I find a truck I like and can afford every item that serves no purpose on a trial will be ditched for the sake of weight. For now it has to serve dual purposes and I would rather it not look any worse than it already does. Dents are one thing but broken fiberglass is another. I guess my plan now is to buy thin gauge steel and attempt to bend them to shape. If that doesn't work I guess I could cut flat pieces to shape, and weld them together to form a shape with compound bends. I really only want to cover up the sides, I don't see why protecting the back would serve any purpose.
Porch Puppy said:
What's up with posting the few pictures of me in trouble (winch cable and flat tire)! Here's a few good pictures of the back end of my XJ.... Hope this helps.




Thanks Porch Puppy, that really help me visualize what I'm shooting for. The problem I'm trying to figure out though is that the part I'm trying to cover up is the ~1" or so just above the tail light that hangs below what you have protected. It seems like it's going to be a pain to cover that area up with those multiple bends and short lengths. What guage steel did you use and what kind of screws/bolts are those? Thanks again for the input.