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Anybody planning any trips over Thanksgiving?


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Anybody planning any trips over Thanksgiving?
Tom, what days will you be in Colorado?
I'm in Colorado the whole week. Want to have a NAXJA BBQ at my place?
I've been toying with driving my Jeep back for Christmas/New Years and swapping in the new full width D44 into it if I have it done. Going to cut and widen a virgin D44 axle when I am home over Thanksgiving. I am hoping to get disc brakes on it, chromos, and a new locker as well.

If so I may have a standard XJ size D44 with Detroit available.
I am catching an EARLY Sunday flight back to AZ.
I should be able to do a Saturday.
Lets set a date for Saturday after Thanksgiving. I am open to do it at my place but we could also do a get together somewhere else if it works better for everybody.

My intent is to use Chapter Funds to cover the food and non-alcoholic beverages. We might even do some type of drawing.