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Anti-Rattel Clip. Brakes


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Salisbury, NC
i was working on my brakes and my new calipers and pads came with some antirattel clips. Mine never had any on it and i put it together with out them. Works fine but i couldnt even figure out how they were soposed to even go on? Does any on have a pic.
you could go to library and look at a Haynes or Chilton manual. i have had my brakes off and on many times. anti-rattle clips are no big deal to me, take em or leave em. heck right now i have one side on and one off after i pulled my axles out last week, one clip was a little beat up so i left it off and haven't noticed any noise etc.
just extra parts maybe???
If I aint got extra parts left over after working on something.... I wonder what I did wrong! LOL
Dont have any on my '99 , no noises, rattels, brakes work fine.
yeah ive done my brakes plenty of times and no rattels. I havent had any squeeks with out them i was just wondering how they went on? I looked in the chilton manual i had but no good picture or explaination