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Another one bites the dust....


NAXJA Forum User
Well I am new to this board and I am alrady going to no longer be a member. Saturday I crashed my XJ and it is a gonner. I was driving down Cirby in Roseville, CA when a Jag hit a flat bed truck a couple of cars up from me which caused a panic stop and the Chevy truck in front of me had better brakes so I bumped in to him not fast at all didn't even dent the bumper. But it gets worse, I turned to my passenger to make sure he was fine when all of a sudden I thought we got hit by a train which was actually a loaded dodge dually 4x4 with tools in the bed and a winch bumper on the front that smacked into us with out even slowing down. The guy driving the dodge said he was doing 50mph and then next thing he knew he was stoped. Needless to say he squished all 5 vehicles together and made my XJ into an acordian. Oh well just add it to my 500 others that are wrecked. :cry:

with that insurance money u could buy anything you want!
I found a zj here at my yard that is in awsome condition so I think it will be my next victim. :twisted:

:evil: Dang dude, I hope everyone is OK. Sorry to hear about the XJ. I'd imagine you have [b:048bf790d6]PLENTY[/b:048bf790d6] of others to pick from if you were going to build another one.:lol: