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An atta boy for JCR Off Road


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Denver, Colo.
I just received and installed my JCR front bumper. I ordered the uni-body tie ins
with it. During shipping the passenger side bracket escaped the box. They
immediatley shipped a replacement. The bumper bolted right up and looks great.
The drivers side bracket doubles as a steering box reinforcement.
Buddy of mine[Bored Chimp] got front and rear bumpers from them. Also got the tie-ins. We have to file one or two of the holes less than a 1/4in for the rear tie-ins. Other than that they went of pretty good. I've yet to go shoping cart hunting... Er I mean test them out. :) He sandblasted then and then RhinoLined them. They look pretty slick.
ylojrzy said:
this thread is worthless without pics. my.02 Jeff

And your post helps in what way? Pretty worthless in itself, but who is counting.

XAIRCAV... great to see you are happy with their product. Their stuff does look pretty good IMHO.