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Amazon cs 130 rebuild kits


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Alexandria VA
There are two offerings. The first is just the regulator for <$14, https://www.amazon.com/Heavy-Voltag...sprefix=cs+130+regulator,automotive,39&sr=1-2, and then there is a "repair kit", https://www.amazon.com/Victory-Lap-...000CFITYM/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8.

I made the mistake when i hooked up the charger and now the alternator does not provide output.

What would you recommend.
1 "repair kit"
2 new regulator
3 get the whole alternator with 100amp output.

I think I have the 100 amp CS-130 and a spare that is also "dead".
Did you use both?
I am curious which one really solves the problem.
I would rather spend $13 than $50 at which point a complete alternator becomes a likely better option.
Did you use both?
I am curious which one really solves the problem.
I would rather spend $13 than $50 at which point a complete alternator becomes a likely better option.

The kit has the bearings too. I had one in my 2wd for almost 8 years before I bought the 4wd I am driving now. Threw a kit at the alternator in the 4wd drive because it's my daily driver. Going on 14 months now and is working good.
The repair kit doesn't seem to include the regulator. If you got nothing at all, I'd be inclined to suspect the regulator, but it could be blown diodes too. I would pull it apart and inspect/test first.
Parts (both) are on order.

One of two alternators has been disassembled. An excuse for a Weller 200watt solder gun has been acquired.

Just need to the part to assemble.

If it works out, I will rebuild the one in the Jeep now.
Now the rest of the story.

First part showed up on time, the regulator. Took the old one off and soldered the new one on to the brush assembly.

Delay on the diode assembly. Delayed again. I needed to get it together to get to the airport on Saturday for a 6:45 flight. This is Thursday.

The part finally showed up on Thursday. Opened the package, checked the box description, it was correct. Opened the box and a starter solenoid was staring me in the face! Retuned the part.

Looked on line and decided to go to NAPA. They ordered the part for a Friday morning pick up. Got it and did the uninstall and install. Wrong mounting positions on the new Alternator! Returned to the store with the front casting from the extra alternator that was disassembled to show what I needed. They weren't sure they could get it to me by the afternoon.

They called about 2:00. Picked it up and it fit. Put the jeep back together with a new idler.

Saturday morning I headed off to the airport. About 10 miles out there was a vibration and then a thunk, no voltage, no power steering. Pulled into a rest area i was coming up on and lifted the hood. The belt was wrapped around the fan shaft.

Called my wife who took me to the airport on time. Called AAA and had it towed home.

Upon return Friday, I inspected for why the belt came off. I found the pulley on the alternator was completely loose, like in flopping around. Removed the alternator and the Serpentine belt.

Evidently the nut that holds the pulley in place was loose and the lock washer was nowhere to be seen. The hole in the pulley is about an inch in diameter from flopping around.

Pulled the pulley from the alternator under repair and asembled the alternator and installed in the Jeep.

Test run of 10+miles is good now. Oh I also installed a new belt.