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Alignment spec w/ lift question


NAXJA Forum User
Schenectady, NY
Do these specs look correct for an alignment on my 96 Cherokee with 3" lift and 31's?


Should be fine. Classic toe and go. The steering wheel may or may not be straighter than it was, but .15 degrees of toe change isn't going to change much about the way it drives.

I would have kept going on the toe, zero is well within spec but it should be a little bit toed in.
Caster of 4.8* may cause your steering to feel a little light and drift some on the crown of the road.
With caster too much lower you may find that your steering wheel does not return to center as quickly without more of your assistance.
If you increase your lift anymore you should consider purchasing adjustable control arms so you can adjust your caster to 6.0* and get your front driveshaft angle back to normal.