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Bolingbrook, IL
AJ deserves a big KUDO for above and beyond duty.

He had said he would ship out my super rails last Friday so I could get them before leaving this Thursday for the TRJC 4X4 Safari in downstate Illinois. He had a close friend end up in intensive care after an accident this weekend 3.5 hours from his home. He spent the weekend with his friend and CAME ALL THE WAY HOME JUST to ship MY RAILS to me OVERNIGHT BY FEDEX BECAUSE he PROMISED THEM TO ME.

My rails, in the scheme of things, are insignificant compared to a buddy in the hospital.


Here is his site. IMHO great prices and nice products, but UNREAL SERVICE.

I can agree with you fully. AJ is the man. I have a set of his 2x4 super rails and they are awesome. I get compliments on them from everyone who sees them. He made sure I got the parts I wanted, made the way i wanted, the first time.

Hes had some hard times over the last year or so, but hopefully things will start looking up soon.

Been speaking to AJ about rails lately as well is definetly a good guy,Hope all is well with his bud hes had it a bit rough lately.
Thats awesome! great to hear as well. Hope all is going well for AJ. I do hope to pick up some rock rails form him when I get the cash.
I'll throw in a big thumbs-up to AJ too. I got super rails from him and have stopped by his website every few months since. He is really a stand-up guy with a great product and even better service.
Is AJ ever going to get a break? He has had a ruff couple of yeas
Its funny...
right after I got my XJ I went out and spent like $800 on a "awesome" Warn front bumper...

after finding NAXJA I also heard of this AJ guy...
and went to his website and found a winch bumper almost exactly like the one I just bought.
the only difference is that his price was about $400 cheaper and by all I could tell his bumpers are stronger.
Needless to say I was pissed and vowed never to buy anything again unless it was from AJ.

Just kidding but he is a great guy and I will only use his rails and bumpers in the future.
I also only suggest his stuff over every other vendor.
i hear you on that warn comment.. i wasted 600 $ on a rear bumper. the thing sucks. way to heavy hangs down. didnt fit my 01.. ahh hindsite is 20/20

ps i wish i never heard of quadratec.. and i only heard of this site
I have to agree with all of you guys too, AJ is a great guy with great products. I just ordered my rails from him this week, hope his friend gets better soon.

This guy is the best. He deserves better luck and without question some better marketing!! :laugh3:

Take a look at his site if you are in the market for bumpers or rails. We can argue about the different shops making stuff, which is better etc... What you cant argue is this guy's concern for making quality products and making sure his customers are satisfied.

You cant do better when you have that.
cal said:
Good things come to those who wait. ;)
damn straight, excellent customer service and super quality products who would want more, oh almost forgot, excellent pricing....
...ditto, ditto, ditto to infinity and beyond.

I have front and rear bumpers and 2x4 rock rails. You should see the nut strips for the bumpers...mmmmm...beefy. He made custom pockets in the front bumper for a set of lights and a custom license plate bracket that mounts in the front hitch receiver hole. Also made some bumper spacers for the Boy's Scrambler. That's the only thing I can't show off.
I have to agree with ALL the AWESOME things said about AJ! With all the business he gets, he remembers you PERSONALLY! And after all he is going through he remembered to ASK about my Dad who was hospitalized for heart failure, now tell me, WHERE else can you get a guy that cares MORE about your Junk than you do?!?! Okay, maybe not more, but I guarentee as much!

I had an idea and threw it AJ's way and he gave me his honest opinion, that is was NOT a good idea LOL But the point is, he is SO honest, funny, he has a way of telling you that your idea stinks and not hurt your feelings (hey, I'm a girl, I am sensitive lol;)!

And for those of you that are posting and/or thinking about the wait for AJ's work, well, you are free to go elsewhere, but you will NOT find anyone that cares about and has PRIDE in their work and concern for your XJ's needs than AJ!!!!!!!! AND, you will regret it! :)

Okay, enough said! Hey, did you all take a look at all the different states these posts came from?

Happy Trails...............................
i dont have any of AJ's product thought a few are on my shopping list. I am glad he is back working i thought last year he got hurt or something i forget exactly the details i think he was stabbed ? At anyrate i have been hearing about this "AJ" guy for about 3 years and haven't hear one bad thing. That says allot. Glad to see a little guy doing well , and glad to see he is back to work. 3.5 hours drive to meet a commitment that says volumes. That is something that gets lost when you deal with the big parts companies. ROCK ON AMERICAN SMALL BUSINESSMAN ! Nothing like a mom and pop place to gitter done right.
Ok whats better the super rails or the super square rails? Same price, what do you all prefer? Also what should shipping run for you all who have ordered them?
His stuff is great, and his service is even better, I cant count how many times he's bailed me and my XJ out of some build-up spots.

Word is that he's holding a design a front bumper competition. It's open to the public and you win your bumper, check out his forum at www.ajsoffroadarmor.com.

Wow, just read through this and have to say thanks for all the thumbs up. I am literally a one man operation in that I pretty much do everything and with all the junk going on in my personal life the past year...whew. Eventhough I do my best to help everyone, there are times I've dropped the ball and it just makes me work that much harder to avoid that in the future. I really appreciate people's support through the rough times though, thanks a million!

saltilloxj said:
Ok whats better the super rails or the super square rails? Same price, what do you all prefer? Also what should shipping run for you all who have ordered them?
The Squares are slightly stronger, not enough to really make a significant decision. Really boils down to which you like the looks of better. Shoot me an email with your zip code to get an idea on shipping, generally anywhere from $34-48.