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Air in the lines and I have ABS?


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I think I already have air in the lines of my XJ b/c the fluid was so low b/c i did not catch the bad wheel cylander fast enough. I replaced the cyl (sp) and I am trying to blead the brakes but they don't seem to be working right. I have heard, and read, that you need to do something special with the pedal when you do this but I think I already had air in the lines. The ABS doen't work anyway as there is no tone ring on one of the axles in the rear. What can I do?
What about them isn't working right? There is a sequence to bleeding that is ideal (pass rear, driver rear, pass front, driver front). I'm pretty sure that's it. Maybe try that and see if it does you any good. ABS-wise I don't think that it should make a difference.