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Ac compressor not staying engaged


NAXJA Forum User
Guys I am working on my ac trying to get it to work on my 96 xj and the compressor will kick on somewhat if I pull the relay and reinstall it. But won’t stay turning. It probably hasn’t been used in years. The compressor acts somewhat locked up. Is there anything I can do that could help get it going. Besides replacing the compressor. I checked the refrigerant and it seems good
Exactly how did you check the refrigerant?
Lol well I didn’t hook gauges up too it I used the gauge on the Freon tank setup they sell at auto parts stores. I did get the compressor working. Pry bar and hammer and wd40 do wonders for old stuff. Seems to be working good now but it’s not cooling the sight glass on it shows the pump working but. It’s either too full or not enough. I don’t think the cheap guage