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AAL Leaf Problem/Question


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Columbus, Oh
First off, I'm not looking for "I told you so". I know I would have been better off ordering a new set of leaf packs. But funding didn't support that.

Last summer I got a set of leaf's off of an 01 with the upcountry package (or so the yard told me). When setting the leaf's down on the ground side by side (eyes down), they looked to have close to the same arch and height.

I ordered a 3 inch RC lift with the AAL's and yesterday decided to build the pack ahead of time to same time when I do the actual lift. After getting the packs together, I noticed that one had more arch than the other. When sitting side by side, one is about the thickness of a leaf taller than the other and has more arch. Does anyone have access to the info to cross reference the numbers stamped on the leaf's? The two leaf's I have, have different numbers on them. I'm not sure if they came from 2 different XJ's or if the right and left have different part numbers/spring rates.

At this point, I only have the centering pin/bolt in and don't have the clamps to hold the pack together. Could not having the clamps in place be the reason why they are not the same height? Could I have a leaf turned around 180 degree's? I'm going to disassemble the packs this afternoon, and measure from the centering hole to the ends on all of them to make sure I don't have a leaf backwards. If that doesn't work, I'm going to try to compare each leaf to it's counterpart and try to swap some leaf's back and forth to see if I can level them out.

Any other suggestions?
As a sort of follow up question, if I decide to go with replacement leaf's (Crown's), it's only afew dollars more for the 7 inch up country versus the 5 5/8th's inch regular leaf's.

Which should I go with, if I'm planning to add the RC AAL that's meant for a 3 inch lift. I don't want to end up with a huge rake, but I don't want the rear to sag after the pack settles.