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99% of Xj lifts right here.. read before you ask a lift question.. please!


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Alright since i am tired of answering the same questions over and over and im sure others are as well,
I will make a list of all the kits out there that i know of. Just so you know, i was in the middle of this when i acidently hit the back bottom and almost destoyed my pc lol
. Some of the prices may be a litle off as im sure you can get them cheaper if you search. This is just so you can look and think about it before you ask the same question as the man before you
Enjoy... my hands hurt lol price is high to low.. also i used a 1999 xj in my search.. some might not be avaliable/different price for different years

First off, the Baby lifts (0-2.9")

Old Man Emu 2" lift - 839$- I can find an Old Man Emu home page so i just looked for the kits... They make great stuff. Are owned by arb i believe. This high quality kit comes with 4 OME shocks, Coil Springs, full leaf springs, and a set of JKS quick disconects.

http://www.blackdiamondoffroad.com/lift-type-results.php?makeCmbo=6&modelCmbo=8&lifttype=5&lift id=5
BlackDiamond 2.5" lift(s)- 567-306$ Black Diamond is a new branch of Superlift. They offer two 2.5" kits, the cheaper of the two comes with add-a-leafs while the more price one has full springs. They are both a pretty complete kit

Superlift 2.5" lift- 510$- This kit lifts you 2.5" and includes shocks, control arms, add-a-leafs- and coils. Not many people in the 4x4 world havent heard of superlift as they have been around forever.

http://store.jksmfg.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=JKS01&Category _Code=CherokeeXJ
Jks 1.5" lift- 470$ Jks doesnt offer a lift kit for the xj but they offer several items you can piece together like adjustable coil spacers, adjustable control arms, and shackles. The price is a rough estimate on what it would cost you through them. They have alot of one-of-a-kind items and its very well made. (at least my quick-disconects from them are)

Bds 2" lift- 431$ Bds offers this kit and 2 under it (1.75" lift and .75" lift) this kit comes with add-a-leafs, shocks, coils, and all the hardware you need- BDS is considered very good

Skyjacker 2" lift- 390-360$- this kit is overpriced in my opinion. (as are all of their lifts in my eyes) It includes shacles and spacers

4wd.com-2"lift- 380-140$ 4wd offers their own budget kits, two different versions. The cheap one includes coils, spacers, AAL, and a bunch of bolts. The more expensive one has all of the above and shocks.

http://www.procompusa.com/prodDetail.aspx?partNo=EXPK3058B&catID=1&subCat=38 &ptID=5491&plID=1808
ProComp 2" lift- 290$- Procomps kit comes with shocks, coils, control arms, Add-a-leafs and all the mounting hardware you need

RubiconExpress 2" lift- 260$ Kit comes with shocks, add-a-leafs, and spacers. Also includes a brake line!

Zoneoffroad-2" lift- 251$ Kit that comes with add-a-leafs, spacers, and shocks. Fairly cheap price for all it contains

RoughCountrys 1.5" lift- 250$ Kit comes with shackles, Spacers, shocks, and bolts

Tomken 2" kit- 155$ Comes with spacers, blocks, brake extensions.. its like 3/4 down the page

http://www.daystarweb.com/productlisting.php?selMake=Jeep&selModel=XJ+Cherok ee&selYear=1999&txtPartNo=&search.x=12&search.y=7
Daystar 1" 3/4" lift- 150$- Kit comes with shackles and spacers. Just like 90% of the other budget boost kits. On the plus side they do offer poly bushings.

TeraFlex 2" lift- 135$- TeraFlexs version of the budget boost kit, shackles and spacers

http://www.trailmastersuspension.com/applications.php?Application=Jeep&Category=Suspens ion Lift Kits&Active=Yes
TrailMaster 2" lift- 120$ Trail masters offers a budget boost for the xj that includes shackles and spacers.

Warrior 1-2" lift- 70$ Warrior offers one of the cheapest budget boost kits

Meet the Todler lifts! (3.0-3.9")

T&T Customs 3.5" Lift- 2395$ T&T is considered to be one of the "premium" companies out there and this is a y-link kit that comes with everything you need. Very good but expensive kit

skyjacker 3.0" lift-1300-650$ I personally think skyjacker charges way to much for their kits. If you still want to check them out, they have like 5 different 3" liftshttp://www.skyjacker.com/

Old Man Emu 3" lift- 915$ Cant find their home page. Very good company though. This kit includes everything you need, People Love OME.. I just have no idea where to find them-

4wd.com 3"lift- 850-550$ 4wd.com offers 4 different 3" lifts, They all have all the basics, The expensive ones come with expensive shocks and replace the add-a-leafs with Full packs.

http://www.procompusa.com/prodDetail.aspx?partNo=EXPK3058B&catID=1&subCat=38 &ptID=5491&plID=1808
ProComp 3"lift 800-550$ Procomp has a few options with their 3" lift (thus the price range). People really like them and they come with everything including shocks. only bad thing is the Add-a-Leafs

RubbiconExpress 3.5" lift- 760-450$ Rubbicon express offers 4 different 3.5" kits. Two of them are "superflex kits" and two are "superride kits". None of them come with shocks and only the most expensive has full springs. You can add shocks for around 150$

TuffCountry 3.5" lift-740-530$ TuffCountry offers two kits for the xj. The cheaper one comes with blocks, the more expensive with full springs. Both are a pretty complete kit.

http://www.full-traction.com/detail.php?MODELID=4&MAKEID=1&TYPEID=1&PRODUCTID=9 7&NOTES=20
Fulltraction 3.5" lift- 670-510$ Full traction offers two 3.5" lifts. They both include everything you need except shocks and are fully bolt on. They include a few extras over the others like bumpstops and double add-a-leafs. The expensive version sports "SRS" Silent Ride System

warrior 3" lift- 660$- Warriors 3" lift includes control arms, Add-a-leafs, shocks and everything else you need to get on your way. I dont personally know anyone that runs them.

RuggedRidge 3"lift-650-440$ Rugged Ridge offers two 3" lift for the xj. Both are Add-a-leafs, the cheaper one does not come with shocks.

http://www.quadratec.com/products/product_search.php?cn=Rancho+3%26%2334%3B+Suspensi on+Systems&c=15&pn=76031+70X&h=&spg=&cv=
Ranco 3" lift- 630-570$ Ranchos 3" lift. They have been making lifts for along time but on their site, they no longer list anything for xjs. If you look around you can find them for xjs up to 97. Includes full leafs, coils, and everything you need to install!

Bds 3" lift-577$ Bds offers this 3" kit and it coms with everything! for that price they come with add-a-leafs, coils, shocks, and all the mounting stuff. They have a ton of options on their site though and you could turn that lift into something else entirely for more $$

http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=rustys&Product _Code=RK-300SP-XJ&Category_Code=sus_xj_kit
Rustys 3" lift- 438-265$ Rustys offers two 3" lifts, one of them (438$) comes with full leaf springs while the other (265$) comes with Add-A-Leaf. They also offer kits with discounts on tires and stuff with most of their lifts.

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=IROR&Product_C ode=IR-X_3LK&Category_Code=PFX
Ironrockoffroad- 3" lift- 339.99 Kit that comes with everything you need. Comes with add-a-leafs. Newer company with good reviews across the board so far.

RoughCountry 3" lift- 345-255 Rough Country has two 3" kits. Both have add-a-leafs, shocks, coils, and all the hardware you need. The more expensive one also comes with control arms. Pretty cheap!

RockKrawler 3.0" lift- 300$ To me this kit is overpriced. It doesnt come with hardley anything (just coils and shackles). Many people love RockKrawler

zoneoffroad- 3" lift- 290.66 Kit comes with add-a-leafs,shocks, and coils.. fairly cheap!

Then the Teen lifts (4.0-5.9")

T&T Customs 5.5" Lift- 2599$ T&T is a one of the best out there, As you can tell by the price. This kit comes with everthing and extra like Diamond cut leaf springs and a whole new belly pan to mount the Y-link Long arms off of. http://www.tntcustoms.com/rock-tek45suspensionsolutionxj-1.aspx
T&T Customs 4.5" lift- 2549$ Same as above but smaller!

RockKrawler 4.5" lift- 2500-830$- Rock Krawler offers multiple 4.5" kits and they vary alot depending which one you get. Some of them are simple, Some have long arms, Some are AAL, Some have full pack. I am not going to disect them here. It is considered a very good company.

RubiconExpress 5.5"kit-2050/1200$ Rubicon Express kit is Long Arm and comes with everything you need. They have several options when you purchase so you can add better shocks and all that good stuff. Good reviews for the most part! They also offer two 5.5" kits for around 1200 that are not long arm. Still complete kits!

ClaytonOffroad 4.5" Lift- 1999$ - Another of the "premium" companies, Clayton lifts are very well built. This kit comes with Long Arms, a 3-piece crossmember, adjustable control arms and everything else you need. Great reviews! They also offer a few cheaper 4.5" kits that range from 1300$-1650$, they are not long arm kits but do come with everything you need including full Leaf Springs.

BDS 4.5" lift- 1740 This kit comes with full backs, adjustable control arms, swaybar quick disconects, adjustable track bar and lots of other goodies. If you customize it (easy on their site) you can make it even better

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=IROR&Product_C ode=IR-X5CPK&Category_Code=PFX
IronRockOffroad 5.5" lift- 1349$- Rather new company with good reviews, This kit is a Long Arm kit that includes a everything you need and gives you the option to upgrade any piece you want (shocks, quick disconnects ect). It has a 3-piece subframe that easily allows you to get to the transfer case. They also offer a 4" long arm kit for 1049$

SuperLift 4" lift- 1300-1000$ Super lift offers two kits, the more expensive kit has "rockrunner" lower link arms. Superlift has been around for a while and have all kinds of reviews

RoughCountry 4.5" lift-1300-460$ RoughCountry has three 4.5" kits, the cheapest being 450 with add-a-leafs, shocks, control arms, and everything else you need. The middle includes full spring pack and upercontrol arms. The most expensive one is a Long Arm kit and icludes a subframe.

RubiconExpress 4.5" lift- 1050- 940$ Rubicon express also offers two versions of their 4.5 kit. Both come with everything you need but the cheap one comes with add-a-leafs and blocks.

http://www.fabtechmotorsports.com/products/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=69&display=JEEP 4WD
Fabtech 4" lift- 970$ Fabtech only makes one lift for the xj and this is it. Reall pretty lift but it does have add-a-leafs. Other than that it is a complete kit!

TeraFlex 4" lift - 900-400$- TeraFlex offers two very different kits at the 4" level. The more expensive one comes with longer control arms with flex joints while the other does not. Both come with Add-A-Leafs, and neither have shocks

Tomken 4" lift- 870$- Its like halfway down that page, Very unique control arms and comes with everything you need. Old Jeepers like my dad love the stuff

http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=rustys&Product _Code=RK-405SP-XJ&Category_Code=sus_xj_kit
Rustys- 4.5" lift 669-589$ Rustys offers two 4.5 kits, one of them (669$) Comes with full leaf springs, the other (589$) comes with add-a-leafs. People either love or hate Rustys.

Zoneoffroad 4.5" lift- 495$ Kit comes with everything you need including control arms. Only comes with add-a-leafs. I dont know anyone who runs them

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=IROR&Product_C ode=IR-X4LK&Category_Code=PFX
Ironrockoffroad 4.0" lift-449$ This is their cheap 4" kit, Comes with Add-a-leafs and no control arms.

http://www.trailmastersuspension.com/applications.php?Application=Jeep&Category=Suspens ion Lift Kits&Active=Yes
TrailMaster 4.0" lift- 440$ TrailMasters kit comes with add-a-leafs and does not include shocks. Other than that it has everything you need.

Followed by the manly lifts (6.0-7.9")

ClaytonOffroad 6.5" lift- 3500/2209$ Clayton offers two 6.5" Long arm kits, both are very well built. The expensive one includes a coil conversion. People love them!

Skyjacker 6" lift- 2900-2700 SkyJacker offers 3 different 6" kits, They are not Long arm but come with everything you need.

RockKrawler 6.5" lift- 2700/1500$ RockKrawler offers two 6.5" long arm kits. They claim "the best off road ability of any 6.5" system. One version includes a rear coil conversion. Both come with everything you need!

Bds 6.5" lift- 2590$- Very complete kit, comes with everything you could want.. adjustable control arms w/flex ends, sway bar disconects, shocks, sub frame. Very good reviews!

http://www.full-traction.com/detail.php?MODELID=4&MAKEID=1&TYPEID=1&PRODUCTID=9 8&NOTES=9,10
FullTraction 6.0" lift- 1770$ FullTractions kit offers Long arms, full leafs and everything else you need (except shocks). This kit has good reviews on a few forums.

http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=rustys&Product _Code=RK-605LT-XJ&Category_Code=sus_xj_kit
Rustys 6.5" lift- 1740-1100$ Rustys seems to be popular on this forum.. not so much on some of the others. This kit is Long arm and comes with everything you need. It also has many upgrades and options to choose from. The also offer a 6.5" lift that is not long arm for 1100$.

TeraFlex 6.0" Lift- 1720$ TeraFlex'S largest kit. Includes Long Arms, Full Leaf PacK and boasts great on the road handling. Does not include shocks however.

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=IROR&Product_C ode=IR-X_6LK&Category_Code=PFX

IronRockOffroad 6.5" lift- 1449$ Rather new company with good reviews, This kit is a Long Arm kit that includes a everything you need and gives you the option to upgrade any piece you want (shocks, quick disconnects ect). It has a 3-piece subframe that easily allows you to get to the transfer case. *this is the kit i run and i love it! never had a problem and handles wonderfully! Great customer Service

RoughCountry 6.5" lift-1449-900$ Rough Country offers two 6.5" kits. The more expensive is Long Arm and comes with everything you need. The other one comes with all four control arms (short) full packs, shocks and all that stuff. one of the cheapest companies out there!

Tomken 6" lift- 910$ - This kit has uniquly shaped control arms that give you alot of axle drop and comes with everything you need. also includes super-dense bushings- dont ever hear about them except from old jeepers like my dad

And last but not least, the "compensation" lifts (8.0" and up)

Skyjacker 8.0" lift-3550 SkyJackers 8" lift, complete kit comes with everything you need. For the price i Believe there are much better options.

ClaytonOffroad 8.0" lift- 3500/2369$ Same as their 6.5" kit, both are Long Arm kits but one has the coil conversion. All of their lifts come with everything you need and have some cool features such as a 3-piece subframe.

BDS 8.5" lift- 2830$ Good kit, comes with everything you need, lots of cool parts, people love them. Has a few flash perks like "kevlar line stainless steel brake lines" and stuff like that. And of course its Long Arm.

Tomken 8" lift- 2100$- Not long arm but comes with "ultra flex" control arms and everything else you need to get going. Good looking kit to me!

http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=rustys&Product _Code=RK-800LT-XJ&Category_Code=sus_xj_kit
Rustys 8.0" lift- 1900$ Rustys seems to be popular on this forum.. not so much on some of the others. This kit is Long arm and comes with everything you need. It also has many upgrades and options to choose from.

http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=IROR&Product_C ode=IR-X8CPK&Category_Code=PFX
IronRockOffroad 8.0" lift- 1549$ Rather new company with good reviews, This kit is a Long Arm kit that includes a everything you need and gives you the option to upgrade any piece you want (shocks, quick disconnects ect). It has a 3-piece subframe that easily allows you to get to the transfer case.

Now for any of those kits your interested in, just go search for a cheaper price. I just listed so you can get an idea of whats out there without ask 100000,000,000 times! Im sure many people will disagree with what i said about them but whatever.. just a list of them for your veiwing
** old man emu, tomken and rancho dont have homepages i could find, thats why i gave links to their kits i could find...
I don't think having the price included is such a bad thing. Yep, prices are going to change but it gives the reader a chance to browse a lift that will more than likely be in their price range.

Comprehensive and to the point. Great list Ian!
I was just about to ask "What lift is best for me?". Then I decided to spend a few days on the search feature.:read: Nice list and really what I wanted to find, even if I only found it by refreshing and finding it at the top of the page.:yelclap:
damn. that's alot of info. good for you man. i'm sure this will help alot of people out. though i do enjoy reading the responses to the type of threads this may help to reduce...

either way, kudos for doing the leg work
Nice list. Forgot to add the short to long arm conversion kits
Nice list. Forgot to add the short to long arm conversion kits

haha yea i was just going for the full kits.. i can add them i guess.. thanks guys!
Just make a Part 2 post here and contact a moderator to combine both posts.

That is a really good original post. Good job.
i don't see Old Man Emu on your list either. it's a great list although i still don't know which one i want to buy.