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99 F350 Dually V10 part out


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29 Palms, CA
I've got a (mostly) complete Super Duty in my yard. Interior isn't spectacular, but it's decent overall. Engine runs on 9 cylinders. Body is......there. It has everything but the front doors but it was a range truck before I bought it off my company. I think the passenger fender is good, but the driver's is crunched. Bedsides are ok, dually fenders are hanging in there with a little help from duct tape.

Transmission shifts good, transfer case works good, axles are good, suspension is all there and functional except the track bar which is in the bed, radio and remaining 2 speakers work along with all lights (I think). I've had it up to about 45 on the street, cruise it around the desert every once in a while.

I bought it to convert my 73 to 4wd, but then I remembered that I'm lazy and cheap and the 73 doesn't even run right now and the wife wants this big beast gone.

I'll sell the whole thing for $2500 or just the axles for $2000. Price is negotiable. I'd like the whole thing to go but understand not everyone has the space for a dead dually in the yard... haha

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