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'98 Exhaust in '00


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Vernal, UT
I'm rebuilding the engine in my '00 with a '99 Wrangler donor. So that means 0630 head.

Pretty much done with the rebuild and now ordering the rest of the parts. I'm replacing the entire exhaust system so the downpipe isn't my concern. Really just making sure that the '98 exhaust header will work fine. I've got the '00 XJ intake and the '99 Wrangler intake and believe they're slightly different. So I can use either one.

It's a hefty price difference to use the 00-01 2-piece header vs the older style.
I run a 98 exhaust on my Federal 2000, can't help you on the intake!
I'm going to run the XJ intake actually, I just realized the intake the guy gave me is the older 'log' style.

I suppose it's just a question of gasket then. I have a '99 gasket that should fit the newer intake. but the exhaust ports get blocked a bit. I think I'm going to have to trim the gasket around them. When I order the 98 header it'll come with a 0630 gasket but most likely won't work with the intake.
My intake is a 2000 using the gasket for the earlier head (mine is a 0331 head ported to a 0630 configuration).
I used a '98 intake/exhaust gasket on my 2000 Fed XJ. I did use one of the 'compact' headers for the 2000 TJ on it. Since you are putting in an earlier head, the earlier gasket will match the exhaust ports. I do plan to put a Thorley long header on the 2000 when I replace the motor. I see no issues with that. I did put a 99+ Intake on a '98, no issues as I remember.