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'97 XJ DD/trail rig for sale


NAXJA Forum User
Boone, NC
The good:
Been dding it for the last 4 years or so, never had problem 1 with the mechanical side.
4.0/AW4/231 W/ 118k on the odo
Inspected through APR '09
33x12.50/15 BFG M/T TA KM with more than 50% tread left
5x15"x8" American Eagle alloys with 4.5" BS + All-terrain 33x12.50 spare (good tread, not just trail spare)
Clean NC title in hand
HP non Disco 30 w/big shafts in front 4.10 gears
Currently has 29 spline 8.25 w/ZJ discs 3.55 gears
Slated for Isuzu D44 w/discs & 4.10 gears. This axle can be included or I can swap it in, $ dependent
4.5"-5" of mix & match lift. Mostly RE, includes adjustable track bar.
Comes with 2 spare unit hubs
Extended brake lines (this is both good and bad)
Durango v8 steering box (installed w/new parts in winter '08)
More stuff I'm sure I'll think of.
The bad:
The interior and sheet metal are in pretty rough shape... No, let me rephrase that, awful shape.
No carpet, front doors don't really work (probably will need new drivers door), rear hatch doesn't latch (opens and shuts fine, I have it ratched strapped shut and it gets me to work every day).
Has typical leaks
Cracks in windshield
Will need some new brake hard & soft lines in the future
Rust as normal for a '97
I'm not trying to sugar coat it, this thing isn't particularly pretty. It is reliable and relatively low mileage, and most importantly its street legal. Buddy just got a new truck and is cutting me a killer deal on his old suby, I can't afford to keep the heep if its not my DD so...We'll start at $3500 OBO. Definitely open to partial trades, just have to have some cash to go towards the new ride.

If its still around in another 6 weeks or so I'll go to parting it out.