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96 XJ Smashing oil filters on motor mount


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Just like the title states I'm having an issue with my 96 XJ smashing oil filters against my motor mount, I have the style that sticks straight out and it almost rests on my passenger side motor mount when just installed. not sure what else I can do to fix the issue at this point I just replaced both motor mounts, the transfercase/crossmember mount ive gone through about 10 oil filters now, I seem to smash them doing normal wheeling lucky to get a few trips on 1 oil filter, or if I'm woodcutting I generally get 1-2 trips before I smash the filter but I don't think it could just be because I'm loading the back of my jeep down with logs? Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.
Why don't you have the 90 degree adaptor?
The oil filter on my 98 xj 4.0L the oil filter screws directly to the eng. block I was told someone had swapped the motor from an early model zj but I really dont know never been a problem with mine.
I'm pretty sure the adaptor will work on any 4.0, allows for much bigger oil filter use. I use a m1 301, same filter as small block ford.
Thank you guys for the responses, I figured I needed the 90 degree adapter but when I looked it up for my jeep at the parts stores I didn't see it, might have to order it online, until then anyone happen to know smaller oil filters that run the same thread as the oil filter screw?
FWIW the part number for the elbow is 53020080 but it's probably discontinued. I'd bet a lot of junkyard jeeps would still have it.
I managed to find a new one last year out of the UK for my pre-oiler project, I also p/u 2 of the bolts.