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96 XJ AX15 Manual Swap


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Hey fellow XJ companions, new to the forum. Currently running prices and comparing different vendors of the AX15 to see what my best option is. Right now leaning towards these guys, https://reman-transmission.com/transmission-codes/?code=AX15. So far out of all the rebuilt ax15s I have looked at they are the cheapest and come with the best warranty but I have no experience with them. Was wondering if anybody on here has any first hand experience with them or has another recommendation of a different vendor with similar pricing and warranty? Thanks in advance!
I would just start with a JY transmission.

You are probably going to need to source a number of parts from the JY. Might as well just pull the whole enchilada, do the swap and then see if the trans needs an overhaul. If yes then at the very least you will have a core.
maybe a waste of a post..

In Dec, junked a black 96 manual xj in Ct.
Ran and shifted ok. (until I stripped for parts)

Don't know where it went.
So what makes you believe it needs a rebuilt, btw? If it's not going into gear and acting like the synchros are worn out, try a drain and refill with synthetic 10W-30 motor oil and see if that shifts any better. Redline MTL, synchromesh also work very well. Just don't use standard GL rated oil, especially GL-5 that isn't safe for brass synchros. The right lube makes a huge difference.