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95 rear power windows


NAXJA Forum User
All the power window repair guides I can find are for 97 plus. My rear windows have not worked since I got it, i jump the motors and they both work, and I've tried jumping wires at the master switch but never got them to work. The fact that is rhd makes it worse, the wire colors seem to be different. Anyone have any thoughts?
I honestly don't recall whether the FSM for my 92 covered RHD export models (I'd have to get it out and actually check). I'm guessing you either don't have the FSM for your year or it doesn't cover RHD?

Besides an FSM search, all I can think to suggest is to work your way across the harness incrementally - if you can trace back from the motors to the door harness - body harness connection point, that should tell you what color wires to look for at the body-harness to master switch door harness, then you can use a multimeter to continuity checks to look for broken connections.