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92 Laredo Silver Fender Flares, Body Trim OEM Colors?


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St. Louis, MO
Hi everyone,

I've read lots of posts on this forum, and now that I have a question for which I couldn't find an answer, I thought I would join up and ask.

There are 3 XJs in my family; 92 Laredo, 94 Country, and '00 Classic.

I am looking to do some paint work when the weather gets warm.

My Jeep, the '92 Laredo, is completely stock, and in relatively decent shape, even after sitting in the PO's driveway for some 14 years with a dead ECM.

Original paint is Colorado Red (E4/HE4), and the fender flares are silver/grey.

Does anyone know where I can find paint codes for the fender flares and trim?

No, I don't want to Rhinoliner or Plastidip these pieces. I like the factory look.

I have searched for colors on this, but to no avail.

Thank you in advance!

One place I'd look is to try and find store that mixes auto paint in house. I have had good luck with one in my area being able to look up codes for almost anything, and can custom blend and match anything that isn't in the book. I don't have a good online source for paint codes, unfortunately.
All the paint codes (and a bunch of other info about the truck) should be on a metal tag somewhere under the hood - it's kind of a mini build sheet. It'll have raised lettering, be painted the same color as the body (the Colorado Red in your case), and should be about the size of a credit card. Been a while since I looked for mine, but I think it's either on the firewall near the driver's side hood hinge or somewhere down near the ECU on the inner fender.

My '92 has the "Dark Cordovan" paint with the silver Laredo trim; I've seen that silver called "Dark Argent" (though I can't vouch for that being the official Chrysler name), and I'd wager all the Laredos got the same color.

Alternately, you could just take one of the flares off, give it a good washing up, and take the thing to the store and see if they can use it to match the color.
Thank you both for your replies. I'll have to pay a visit to the paint store and see what they can come up with. I have had varying success with the level of "helpfullness" of counter workers over the years, maybe I'll get lucky.

Reluctant to remove the fender flare, as I am just certain all of the bolts will break.....but it might come to that.

If I get any good info on paint codes I'll report back.
What about finding another Laredo in the boneyard and snagging the flares off it as spares (in case you damage yours pulling them for paint), and using one of them as a match?
Hi everyone,

My Jeep, the '92 Laredo, is completely stock ....

Original paint is Colorado Red (E4/HE4), and the fender flares are silver/grey.

Does anyone know where I can find paint codes for the fender flares and trim?

Thank you in advance!

3 things:
1) It's possible E4 is your trim code ... When I ordered a build sheet for my XJ the paint codes were in it.

2) If you're doing all 4 flares, can't you simply buy some paint that's close & use it for all 4? You'll have matching flares and who's gonna tell you it's not the right color?

3) Having said that, here's what I have been doing for years. Go to a website called AutomotiveTouchup. All you need to do is put in the specs of your Jeep (Yr, Make etc.). You code should come up. If the trim color doesn't appear, give them a call. They have been extremely helpful to me over the years with paint for my '92 XJ Limited (PE4 code - same as yours) and my '02 Durango. Perfect color matches and the most reasonable prices that I have found for custom mixed factory paint. Good luck.