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91XJ with broken emergency brake release button.

Don Becker

NAXJA Forum User
I know this happens and I recall a rather extensive thread on the subject . . . I've searched several different ways and I just cannot find the thresd that dealt with repairing the emergency brake release knob. Believe it or not, with my three XJ's and the hundreds of thousands of miles on them, this is the first time one of these has broken on me. I got it released and the cables loosened enough to safely drive it, a couple of nites ago and in the dead of night in a driving rainstorm. It's the top or thumb portion (plastic release knob at the top end of the emergency brake lever). Everything's fine except that knob . . . it sure seemed like I would have been able to release it by pressing-down with a screwdriver or something . . . that only partially worked. I won't get to look at repairing it further until this weekend. Maybe one of you woiuld have better luck with finding that old thread than I've had . . . Thanks! Don
Thank you, Cal. I really appreciate that. It looks like yousearched with the same words I used . . . . . . oh well, it's been a week to forget anyway! Thanks again! An XJ'er can ALWAYS relt on this site and you guys. Don
'Just a quick update . . . . 'did the epoxy thing last nite . . . checked it this am . . . "no workie" . . . . replaced with the one from my parts jeep . . . I will take the old one apart. I think there's something else goofed-up in there. Otherwise, it seems like I would have been able to release it by pushing in on the broken part of the knob. Don