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'90 Base Model XJ... Wanting to add on options...

My '90 XJ is a base model, and while I've done alot of offroading mods, there's alot of factory options that I'd love to add on, to make it not so 'base'.

Is there anyone out there that has added on the following options to theirs, that can provide feedback on the installs, and parts needed lists...

Cruise Control - I see kits on E-bay all the time for the post '91 HO years, but none for the '90 or older XJs. Can't get it from the dealer either.

Rear Dome Light - I assume that the wiring would be under the headliner, and all I'd have to do is get the light?

Rear Sound Bar - Don't know when these were introduced, and whether wiring would be present on mine.

Under Dash Lighting? - Did XJ's come with dome lights under the dash too?

Power Door Locks - A mod that I'd love to add in! How many parts would be needed to do this?

Overhead Console - Don't know if they were offered for the 1990's

Underhood Light - (I guess I could go with any vehicle brand on this one)

Additions I've already added on:
Rear Wiper - (still need to get the double pump washer reservior)
Fog lights - (uses factory wiring and switch... aftermarket lights)
Full gauge cluster - (got rid of the stupid idiot lights, and gained a tach)
Full Center Console - (I still want the overhead one too)
If you can pull the harness for the door locks, it should be pretty simple.

for the soundbar, I added the headliner from a 2000 XJ into my 89, everything fit just perfectly. you can grab one from a newer one with the center console and hook all that junk up too. don't know if the compass/mileage junk will work (i think they only had that stuff in 91+ with the electric speedo) but the overhead storage and the like should still be usable.


good fit and finish... better than the 94-96 soundbar IMHO