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88 XJ Brakes... Would i notice leak in peddle


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Last week i froze a caliper on my xj and had to replace it and the rotor... its been a week and i noticed brake fluid on the inside of my tire consistant with fluid that was comming out while driving (sprayed around the edge of the wheel)

the thing is the peddle was good and tight (not soft or spongey) if i had a leak would i feel it in the peddle? i dont remember what the fluid level was after bleeding them (i know i didnt top the master cylinder off because i was going to flush the brake system in a few days anyways) so im not sure if the level has dropped... I know A LOT of fluid went everywhere during the bleeding of the caliper becaue the hose popped off and it squirted all over the place so i do not know if this is fluid that has leaked or if its fluid thats been there.. I am going to clean everyhting down with brakclean and see if i notice any more fluid...

I am thinking and maybe someone knows this

the old caliper had one copper washer that went between the caliper and the brake hose..

the box had 2 of them... so i put one on each side of the hose (bolt ---> washer --> brake hose--->washer---> caliper) im thinking this was wrong since i have never seen 2 copper washers used before nad this may be my leak... any one know on that

the problem is i live in a high rise in the city and working on your car is a big no no so its a real pain to do anything
There should have been two washers on the original "Banjo" fitting - one between the bolt head and the hose fitting, and one between the hose fitting and the caliper housing. They are dead soft copper, and should not be reused (that's why you got two with the new hose.) Look up the torque value for the banjo bolt, and DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

You should notice some effect of the leak, since it would (theoretically) only leak with pressure applied. This all depends, of course, on just how much it is leaking - but I'd expect that a leak under gravity would leak more under pressure.

You're on the right track cleaning, tho - the first thing to do with a suspected leak is to clean the affected area and make sure it IS a leak, and not residue from a recent service. If everything was good and soaked as a result of your bleeding, it's possible that it got sprayed about and cleaning will show no leak.

I take the lack of change in pedal feel as a good sign, but YMMV. Clean it, check the fluid level in the master cylinder, and go for a nice long drive (with moderate brake use.) Stop, check the master cylinder and the suspect wheel, and see what you get. Make sure that A) the wheel/caliper is clean and dry before you leave and B) that you don't drive thru puddles if you can avoid it (so if you have anything on the wheel, it will be brake fluid or possible axle oil.) While you're at it, take a moment to check (and top off, if necessary) the oil in the front axle as well - and check it after your drive.

Take both gear oil and brake fluid with you when you go - in case you need to top off.

It sounds as if you guessed right on the copper washers. If a leak is very small you might not feel it during normal use. After you've washed it off, try getting in and starting, and then hold the pedal down good and hard. If it sinks slowly, you've got a leak, and it should be pretty easy to spot the fluid.
Well guys its most def leaking :-( now i am very unhappy with my boys @ A1Cardone... its leaking from the piston seal in the caliper... its next to impossible to do brake work in a high rise in the city that has a zero tollerance policy for auto mx ... you can only be "changing a flat tire" so many times