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88 4.0 swap to 97 4.0


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Ypsilanti, Mi
I have an 88 Cherokee with a 4.0 on its last legs. I have a complete motor from a 97. It has everything, including the harness. I beleive the 97 is from a automatic, my 88 has a 5 speed pugeot. My question is, will the 97 bolt into my setup, I assume there will be minor things needed. Can I use the complete motor, or will I need to use my intake? Thanks for any help, and yes I attempted to search, but found nothing.
Look in the performance section for 91 head on a 99 block. Also look at:
I'd probably keep your wiring and electronics. The 87-90 Renix motor has a knock sensor that attaches to the block. Most just find a vacanct blot hole to attach it to. The Peogeot should bolt right up. Might look at JU for info on the bearing.
You can use the complete '97 engine but there are three things you'll need to consider:

1. The Renix intake manifold will bolt up to the '97 head but you'll need to cut the locating dowels on the head to get the runners to line up with the ports.

2. If your existing coolant temp. gauge sending unit is in the head (I'm not sure in the case of the Renix head), you'll need to relocate it to the t'stat housing because the '97 head doesn't have a port for it.

3. You'll need a different pilot bearing for the '97 crank on Peugeot tranny. Take a look here to see which one it is.