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8.25 convert to 29 spline and abs?

kenny schmitt

NAXJA Forum User
I have an 8 1/4 27 spline that i was going to rebuild with a locker and the gears i want. Is it possible to fit this in a truck with abs and came with an abs dana 35 also i want to run 29 spline axles. can i convert while rebuilding?
You will have to disconnect the ABS, 8.25 never came with ABS. You will need 29 spline locker and axle shafts to convert to 29 spline.
you can find a 29 spline 8.25 complete for usually less then just the shafts alone. I pick them up for $125 or less when available at my local yard. Just disconnect the ABS and the rest is mainly all bolt in swap.