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8.25 Chry. Pinion Seal replacement.

Xtreme XJ

NAXJA Member #1138
NAXJA Member
Anything out of the ordinary to look for ? Just pull the nut & yoke, remove the old seal clean it up & replace with a new one......Whats the nut torque spec.on the nut? Does the yoke need to go back on exactly the same... timed so to speak?
Thanks for any thoughts....
Curt (aka Xtreme XJ)
Mark the nut, yoke, and pinon shaft so you can put it back on the same, exactly the same. You want to reinstall the yoke and nut so they end up in exactly the same position they were when removed in order to achieve the same bearing preload as you had before. As always, the FSM is your best guide.