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4.6L Stroker Parts


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Getting rid of this stuff or will sell as a package. I've had way to many issues with the machine shops here, so I'm starting to lose patience with the project and just want a running jeep again. After the original BS, now I can't get a shop to call me back with a price or time frame, so I feel like its never going to happen...here is what I have:

-Machined and Polished 4.2 12 counterweight crank. Perfect shape...ready to throw in an engine and go. Can include a matching/properly sized set of Clevite bushings. $450 for the crank/bushings...bushings alone are over $150 plus the cost of a 4.2 crank and the machine work.

-Keith Black IC-944 pistons .030 forged pistons. $510 new. Will sell for $450

-Jones Racing cams custom camshaft. Best recommended cam on jeep strokers. Specifically for a 99-06 4.0 blocks. Can send actual specs to an interested buyer. $270 shipped new. $220

-Jeep 4.0 0331 NEW cylinder head. Valves, springs included...no rocker arms. High quality casting (not NH1) and should be better than stock. $550 new. $400

if someone wants to buy a complete engine kit i also have these new parts:

-4.0 2000 xj block (not bored yet)
-Full engine gasket set
-timing set
-ARP rod bolts
-full cleaned and inspected rod set
-Head bolt set
-Freeze plugs
-cam bearings
-Mopar HV oil pump

If you want the whole shebang, PM me and I we can work out a price. MUCH cheaper than buying this crap all yourself
trades considered:

-d44 or dana 30 air lockers
-Wheels/tires for 33' variety
-ACOS spacers
-running 4.0 with fairly low mileage
-full SYE
I'm interested in the cam, shoot me the specs.
here are the cam specs:

Cam# Jeep4L, H64307-66299-112
202/208 @ .050"
.307"/.299" Lobe Lift
.491"/.478" Valve Lift w/1.6 rockers
112 LSA
109 ICL
Okay..I set up an appt with a machine shop for assembly but also have another project that needs money thrown at it, so one last ask before it all goes together. I won't be splitting things up anymore though. Here is the deal...

$1700 for everything minus head and blocks ( i will buy the rings) $2000 with the head

If you buy everything, I'll throw in an unmachined xj block for free if you want it, if not i also have a wj/tj block that i would that HAS been machined and is ready for $150

Pretty firm on the prices...