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34-35" tires...what else do I need to worry about


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Williams AZ
I went out last night and flexed the jeep VERY hard and took some measurements...I am runniing 32" MTR's right now and appear to have room for a true 34.5" tire.

My question is...what else should I expect to replace or break? Alll my suspension is basically stock with 4.5" lift and some cutout flares. My tie rod ends are popping a little now...so I already plan to replace them with the HD ends soon.

I don't drive it very hard...I prefer to be gentle whenever I have a choice.

Jeep is...

97, 4.0 auto, 231 with SYE, HP D30 with truetrac, 8.25" rear with posi, both with 4.56 gears.
If I worried about that I wouldn't own Jeeps
weld your front caps and carry a set of spares, since you only have lsd's you should be fine i would think.
I was also considering a full detroit in the rear...that would just means I should carry a spare rear shaft right?
i would get a set for up front. if you lock the rear it wouldnt hurt to have one spare. you only need one since there both the same length. better yet you could get a set of dutchman shafts for the 8.25(about 300 i think) then just use your originals for spares. that is what i plan to do once i go to 35s.
ya the only problem with that is when you lose a shaft in the 8.25 with a detroit it will take out the detroit as well.how do i know it happened to me.
it seems to be a rather common occurance. if i remember correctly they wont warranty it if it was broken due to a busted shaft. i would just put in a no slip.

read this
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a. with a limited slip carrier, you cannot put a locker into it...

b. get a steering box brace if you dont already have one - the plates that go on either side of the fame that the box mounts to

c. look into some axle trussing in the front end

d. look into custom shafts front and rear

e. if you are getting away without a SYE and custom shaft - that will strenghten your driveline - though stock main shafts are fairly cheap...

f. 4.56 gears if you dont already have them - 4.88 if you can manage to find some for a 8.25 (no one makes them yet)

g. good luck