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33/13.50x15 on 8" rims



Is anyone running 33/13.50x15 Baja Claws (bias ply) on 8" rims?
The guy at Desert Rat told me that they don't recommend using an 8" rim. They want to sell me a 10" rim. I don't want to go that wide with the rims. Mickey Thompson's website lists 8-10" rims as acceptable widths. I could go with the radials at 12.50 but I had my heart set on the bias plies.
I am surprised that MT would say that the 8" rim was acceptable. Most companies do not recommend a 8" rim for their 33x12.5" tires.

If MT says it's ok then why won't the tire shop go for it??

Roke 40

Try calling a buddy of mine in Glen Burnie. He has a great shop and will order anything you might need. Kenny is his name, 410-590-1201. He stocks a lot of stuff and can get Mickey's,BFG's, AR Rims, gears lockers. Is a Rubicon Express dealer as well. Does all the install work. Great prices. Juice
Too narrow and too tall. I swapped out my 8"s for 10's when I went to 33's. The shop I go to flat out refused to to it. I'm running a 4" lift so the extra width made sense anyway.
That set up is fine, I know lots who run that. Claws are rated at 13.50 because the side lugs stick out about 1/2" from the side there for giving the TREAD patteren a width of 13.50" wide, but from side wall to side wall its only 12.50". I would never run a 15x10 on a 12.50 tire, it exposes the wheel to much, and a 15x8 holds the bead much better. On a 14.50 is when I would run 15x10's.
I should point out that I'm not running claws... I'm running ProComp MT's. Maybe the claws are fine on the 8"s.
Hey Juice,
Thanks for the hookup. What's the name of his shop? Glen Burnie is a little bit of a hike but if the guy runs a good shop it would be worth it.

Hawaiian Style
What backspacing are you using on the 10" rim. I've got 8" Canyons now with 31s that rub the control arms at full lock. But the Canyons have 5.5" of backspacing.