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318 or 360

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Hi all,

You guys are the best at this so let me run this by you. I am at the planning stages of a very long swap for my 95 YJ. I'd like to try a 318 or 360 Mopar swap. I already expect to spend some big $$ and already know that I'll pay more for the Mopart. Novak has mounts for both and both have been done before. I am leaning towards the 360. My ZJ has a 318 and I've been happy with it, just figure if I'm going to do it I might as well go full bore. Hoping to find a donor Dakota with the 5.9 in it. Any comments?
The ZJ 5.9L is a Chrysler engine, not the same as the AMC 360 that was offered in the full-size Grand Wagoneer/Cherokee models and J trucks. I assume you knew that.

The ZJ 5.9L has a reputation for being a terrible gas hog. Since the ZJ isn't all that much bigger or heavier than the XJ, I'd have to guess it won't do much better in the economy department if you stuff one into an XJ.

If you want a real engine from the Jeep family, why not go with an AMC 360/390/401?
just figure if I'm going to do it I might as well go full bore

A 360 isn't full bore, a 440 is though. The guys around here that race CJ's on the dirt tracks all put 440's in.
Go with the 360. :D Give it a nice .040 overbore and a 4" stroker crank. :D:D:D Better get a gear-driven transfer case so you can handle those 4-wheel burnouts. :)

I've got to keep the engine at 95 or newer... AMC 360 would be nice but trying to keep it legal. Biggest thing I've found is that 5.9L from Mopar. I've never had the pleasure of driving it so I don't know if it's better than the 5.2 in my ZJ. I'm thinking that the 5.2 in my YJ should have plenty of power with a mild build up. It's got a poor little 4 banger running 33's right now with stock gears so I bet the gas mileage will improve with the 8! :D I was kinda hoping that a NV4500 and an Atlas would fit behind it, but I'm probably dreaming.
Between the 2, 360 definately. But if you got the ducks to plop down, stuff that new HEMI in it!! Do it fast enuff and you'd prolly be the first!!! :D
Hmm which new hemi? the street motor in the Ram p/ups or the BIG nasty (expen$ive into 5 figures) Hemi from the Mopar parts book.

Got to drive one of the new hemi p/ups in Atlanta last spring...even in the big ext (quad?) cab 4x4, it still had lots of sack.

Either the 318 or the 360 Mopar will be plenty of motor for a YJ (unless ton + axles and 44s are in the crystal ball) and are pretty well represented with aftermarket hot-rod parts. (not like SBC or SBF though) Be sure to try to get all the sensors, ECM, wiring etc...from the donor vehicle.
LoL, woody I was talking about the truck variety. If you get a 360 out of a 3/4T you could get one with a NV4500 already attached. If you're dreaming because of the "fit", wake up! It's very much reality. If it's because of the greenbacks then you'll have to pinch yourself and figure out if it's a dream or not. Good luck on your project though, sounds fun!
Hmmm.... I am having the same argument over on another board that you can put a 5.7 HEMI in a Wrangler even with a 6" longer transmission. they are arguing that it can't be done because of electrical issues. I found a place that is doing them but still nobody thinks it can be done.
From what I've seen, anything can be put into anything with the right people doing it.
Well, considering that there are a few TJ's with Viper V10's running around anything is possible.