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3" Lift & 31x10.5 Tires

Probably a little if you don't extend the bump stops.

Definitely yes if you run aftermarket rims with less backspacing than factory rims.
I had to cut some plastic from the front bumper sides on my 97 just to drive it on the street and at full flex it also would rub the back while turning. That was with stock flairs and 15X8 wheels at 3.75 backspacing and Goodyear 31X10.50 ATS tires.
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The rims are factory jeep 15x7 wheels that came on my '88 XJ but I dont have them on it right now because I painted them a few days ago. Would 31x10.5's rub if I kept the sway bar on with a 3" lift?
Silverstreak01 said:
mine did a little.. i kept poping the flares.. then i just went nuts . pulled them off ( andd all the other plastic. trimed and now the tuck GREAT
i have some close up flex pics with 31 1050s no swaybars...


I'd like to keep my stock flares if possible. The 31x10.5's would be TSL Super Swampers or SSR's. Would the monster outter lugs on a tsl or ssr grab the flares when flexing with the sway bars on? Keep in mind that I wont be doin anything hardcore enough that would need alot of flex,mainly mud and I am only a beginner and I'm mainly goin for the looks right now because my XJ is a daily driver and the swampers would be for use during deer season only. Also, how far off would the speedo be with 31's? I know with 30x9.5 that it would be about 5mph, or atleast the author of a XJ on 30x9's artical in four wheeler said it would be about 5mph.
Since its ur DD this wont do much good, but Dremels and Sawzalls love sheet metal, Ive got 31 mud terrians cut fenders front and rear and no sway bars, and that thing flexs crazy for having a little lift,but before I cut my fenders my tires rubbed really bad and starterd to cut notches in my tires, make sure you watch for that. also wrangler flares will fit, I think TJ