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3/12/22 LaDee flats OHV trip


NAXJA Forum User
Milwaukie ,OR
Had a fun day going out wheeling with three XJs and one 4runner. It was a great shakedown for my recently finished mid arm build. Overall, was very happy with the outcome of my jeeps performance. Had a mishap with my jeep dying on the trail (most likely a dying CPS). 4runner broke both axle shafts but was able to be recovered. Time to address some of the minor things before the next trip.

Like always, wish I took more photos.

Found the staging area without any problems haha. Had a great time. I learned a ton about my equipment and it's capabilities. After hearing some of the strange sounds like banging, grinding, and groaning I thought for sure I would have to walk home. Once aired back up and the sway bar reattached, it drove perfectly fine going home. I still need armor everywhere and 35's would be a nice upgrade. Oh and a trailer so I can beat on it harder without any worries. Thanks MJmanche for organizing.

P.S. I did have a new OHV permit in the glove box. The permanent one is being mailed to me.