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235/70R16 General Grabbers and Icon wheels (Maryland)


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General Grabber tires, size 235/70R16 (yes 16 not 15) ~10K miles on them, I'm sick of them, they won't run true so my stuff shakes over 45 MPH. However if you need a pair of tires for an around town beater or light off roading, I hate to see tires with this much tread get dumped. At least two of them are bad; one of them tested at >50 lbs. out by local shop's road force balancer, they put that one on the back and my steering wheel still shakes.

I'll be ordering a new set of tires next week and the old ones will be available in Hanover, MD, Berwyn Heights, MD, or anywhere in between, but if you want these speak up now because otherwise I'm going to leave them at the tire shop.

Asking for $50, a bottle of decent bourbon, an attaboy, whatever OBO.

I also have a couple spare Icon wheels if you need/want them. I believe all of those run true enough to use, and have some almost worn out Yokohama Geolandars on them.

Edit: if you want a package deal, I could probably leave one or two of the Grabbers mounted, and get my new tires mounted on the other wheels, again, just have to let me know in time to get it done.
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