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2001 jeep Xj Runs for a few seconds


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Queen Creek,AZ
Have a 01 jeep XJ automatic transmission 4.0 for a couple of months now I’ve had a no buss And would not start I checked my 5 V reference add all the connectors that was good. On the cluster the gas gauge and volt meter did not work. I tried a different cluster no change. I changed the crank positioning sensor still would not start. So I got a PCM installed now the Jeep starts runs for a few seconds then shuts down check fuel pressure get about 45–47 psi. When it starts I can keep it running with starter fluid.Any ideas what I can check next fuel injectors? What should I be looking for? Any help would be appreciated kind of at a standstill right
When the gas gauge and the voltmeter do not display correctly the primary suspect is a faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS).

If the Jeep starts, runs for a few seconds, then shuts down, suspect the factory installed SKIS/SKIM chip-in-key anti theft. If equipped, it is faulty. If not equipped, the donor PCM has it enabled and it thinks you are trying to steal the Jeep.

Cranking and not starting is typically a CPS fault.